Acid Blue 93 with Bright and Shining Appearance

Acid blue 93, also called acid blue G, is bright blue powder. It is very soluble in water and alcohol. It is stable, but it is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. It can be stored at room temperature. And it is mainly used to make ink and the colorants of silk, cotton and leather.

The picture of acid blue 93 structural formula.
Acid blue 93 structural formula.
A heap of bright blue powder.
Acid blue 93 powder.


  • Molecular formula: C37H27N3Na2O9S3.
  • Molecular weight: 799.8 g/mol.
  • Moisture: 3.20% max.
  • Insoluble: 0.8% max.

Properties: acid blue 93 is bright blue powder. It is very soluble in both cold and hot water, and the solution is blue. It is green light blue soluble in ethanol. And it is red-brown meeting strong sulfuric acid, and it is blue-violet after diluted.


  • Precise PH value.
  • Non-toxic.
  • High efficacy.
  • High and full strength.
  • Bright and shining appearance.
  • Good purity.


  • Acid blue 93 is mainly used to manufacture pure blue and blue-black ink.
  • It is used for silk, cotton, wool and leather dyeing.
  • It is used as indicator, blue stamp-pad ink and biology stain.
  • It is used to make lake.
A blue silk dress.
Acid blue 93 can be used to dye silk, making the dress beautiful.
A woman wearing a blue cotton poncho.
Acid blue 93 can be used to dye cotton cloth, making the poncho bright and colorful.
A blue sweater.
Acid blue 93 can be used to dye wool, making the sweater beautiful.
A blue leather jacket.
Acid blue 93 can be used to dye leather, making the jacket more beautiful.

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